The National Museum
Colombo 7

Situated within the heart of a leafy, residential area in Colombo, the National Museum is housed in a sprawling white, colonial style building lying surrounded by vast expanses of manicured lawns. A visit provides a fascinating glimpse of the level of development of the culture of Sri Lanka dating back to the times of ancient Kings, and contains an excellent collection of artefacts from the Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy periods.

The exhibits within range from ancient statuary of the Buddha to ceremonial swords of the Kings of Sri Lanka. A good collection of stone antiquities can also be found to the rear of the building. The most grandeur exhibit however would be the golden throne encrusted with jewels that was made for King Wimaladharma of the Kandy period in 1693.

A natural history museum lies as a separate structure behind the main museum, and although not well maintained is worth a visit. Especially to see its prized specimen - a goat with two heads, two tails and eight legs!

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