Thiru Ketheeswaram Temple

Located near Mannar, the Thiruketheeswaram Temple is one of five ancient Iswarams dedicated to Lord Shiva in the country. Built around the ancient port of Manthottam by the indigenous people of the Karaiya Naga tribe, it is believed to have existed 2,400 years ago. The original temple has seen destruction multiple times and in 1894 a sacred lingam together with numerous other artefacts were found and used in the construction of the temple that stands today. It is believed that its name was derived from the fact that Kethu Bhagavan worshipped Lord Shiva here. Every year, thousands of devotees gather here on Shivarathree night to venerate Lord Shiva and perform sin dispelling ablution in the sacred Palavi Theertham, or holy pond, lying just outside the premises.

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