Gangaramaya Temple
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Stretched on land and water, Gangaramaya temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Sri Lanka. Situated within the Colombo city limits, the temple can take you to its own serene world in the busy city. One speciality of the temple is that one part of the temple is built on the water of a lake whereas the other part is built on the ground away from the lake. The two sections are divided with a distance of 200 meters. 

Both sections of the temple have their own reasons to attract visitors. The section that is built on the Beira Lake, which is known as the Seema Malakaya gives visitors a marvellous experience by taking them into the water on a wooden platform which bridges the temple to the ground. Seema Malakaya attracts the attention of those who pass by with its little white pagoda and the seasoned Boa tree which can be seen even from the other side of the lake.

The other part of the temple is situated away from the lake. This part of the temple which could be referred to as Gangaramaya Temple accommodates constructions that depict the magnificent combination of different architectures. The temple is known for its unique architecture which is a fine blend of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Chinese architecture. The buildings of the temple exhibit this blend of architecture and the vivid wooden carvings of them stand out in attention. 

The temple also provides shelter for Ganga, the lonely elephant of the temple who is the one and only elephant in the Gangaramaya Temple. 

Galboda Gnanissara thera who is also known as Podihamuduruwo, organizes various events at the temple. One such colourful event is the annual Perahera of the Gangaramaya temple which is held in February. Buddha Rashmi Pooja in 2012 was another event that exhibited many colourful nights with breathtaking views of the beautifully decorated temple premises.

Written by Dinakara Samarakoon for

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