Rumassala Sanjeevani Drops

Rumassala is a small hill near Galle. It was yet another part of the “sanjivani”-bearing mountain that Hanuman carried on his back on the way to the island. It was also said to have been one of Sita’s homes during her stay in Sri Lanka.

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UNAWATUNA & RUMASSALA "Anyhow, Ramayanaya is definitely connected with this village. The legend has it that when the Monkey-warrior Hanuman was sent back to India to fetch the four medicinal herbs, mritasanjeevani, vishalyakarani, suvarnakarani and sandhani from Himalayas, to heal Lushman who was wounded in the great battle with Ravana to save the abducted Princess Sita, Hanuman fails to identify the herbs so he uproots that mount and ferries it to the battlefield, but a hunk of that “fell-down” here, forming the Rumassala Hillock, and the name of the village derives from Unna-watuna meaning “fell down”. The above quote is from "Boots "N All" blog written by me. Asoka Weerasinghe Strand, Unawatuna

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