Racecourse Promenade
Colombo 7

Yet another rather historic building that now functions among all things, as a hangout spot and a shopping complex is the Racecourse Promenade of Colombo 7, on Reid Avenue which is in the same territory as the famous Lionel Wendt Auditorium, the cultural art shop Laksala with the Good Market attached to it about two hundred meters down on the opposite side of the road, and a few other famous places. It is essentially the same treatment that the Old Dutch Hospital and Arcade Independence Square received a few years ago.

Perhaps the biggest blow to the ambience of the place is the massive, erect black pole bearing the McDonald’s icon and a few other assorted signs attached to it. The act of planting it right in front of the building does it no justice whatsoever, especially when one approaches it from the right side, depending on where you come in from.

Part of the appeal of the Racecourse is the main building, with its huge size, and whitewashed exterior, which give the appearance of a colonial structure as opposed to its new avatar as an almost completely modern mall complex. Of course the place was indeed used as a sporting ground, as evidenced by the seats on the higher level of the grounds whereas the floor level is dominated by a wide range of shops, such as McDonald’s, another branch of Laksala, ProMate, Colors and LeBond among a few. Upstairs is the exceptionally pricey R&R, an incredible view with incredible food; just as I said, it is unfriendly to the poor diner’s wallet though, but the experience here, with a bar attached and incredible dishes, will well and truly blow you away if you think of having a good meal here.

Written by Vasika Udurawane for TLC.lk

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