Pettah Market
Colombo 11

Laid out on the suburb of Pettah in the city of Colombo and more precisely on Market Street, the Pettah Market is famous as one of the busiest open marketplaces in the country’s western urban region. If you wish to purchase something from the diverse number of stalls, then there are salesmen of every kind in the area, ranging from fruit and vegetables to fish to jewelry and even clothes and lottery tickets, if you feel somewhat adventurous.

It has a history dating back to the colonial era, with the Kayman Gate being so named after the crocodiles that the Dutch kept in the moat of the nearby fort, in order to prevent their slaves and prisoners from escaping. The Red Mosque and the Khan Clock Tower are the most well-known and vibrant landmarks on the boundaries of the market square. Beyond what needs to be mentioned, not much can truly be said about the Pettah Market. It is truly an experience to be had up close and personal.

Written by Vasika Udurawane for

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