Heeloya Tourism Village

Heeloya Tourism Village is a small village in the Kandy District, and is among the best places to visit in Kandy if one is interested in the romanticized view of a rural community. Here, justice is meted out by the village headman, as was done in the early days. In fact one can see the workings of a traditional village, the likes of which are slowly dying off. The Heeloya Waterfall next to it is also a sight worth seeing, not the largest waterfall in Sri Lanka by far but still beautiful.

It is one of the most famous landmarks in the tourism village. Visitors are encouraged to partake in a few of the daily activities of the villagers, including planting and picking vegetables. Some of the other activites here include traditional games and dances. Heeloya Village is about thirty kilometers away from the city of Kandy.

Written by Vasika Udurawane for TLC.lk

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