Thotupola Kanda
Hortan Plains

Thotupola Kanda is Sri Lanka's third highest peak at height of 7,733ft and rises from the scenic Horton Plains. An extremely popular destination for trekking, the trail begins at the entrance to Horton Plains National Park and is a relatively easy going climb of approximately 2km, with a 250m gain in elevation. The path to the peak leads through pristine montane forest at its lower stage, which gradually thins out to scrub closer to the top. The summit offers a birds eye view of the rolling hills of Horton Plains, as well as Kirigalpotta, the country's second highest peak.

Thotupolakanda, which translates to "landing site", also holds a place in the Ramayana epic. The legend states that it was here that King Ravana landed in his flying machine the "dandumonara" with Queen Sita, after kidnapping her from the clutches of Rama in India.

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