Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Lying in the wet zone of the southern hills, Sinharaja is the last extent of surviving tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka and a World Heritage site. Beneath its towering multi-level canopies of indegineous hardwoods, lie a dense foliage of ferns and foliage, making this a bio-diversity hotspot packed with endemic flora and fauna.

Sinharaja is home to 21 of the islands 26 endemic bird species, and noted for the curious phenomenon of mixed flock feeding in which upto 48 species can gather. Endemic species to watch out for are the blue magpie, green billed coucal, red-faced malkoha, white-faced starling and the ashy-headed laughing thrush which are the rarest. Small troupes of purple-faced leaf monkies, also an endemic species, share the treetops with the diverse population of avian fauna, and wild boar, barking deer and hog deer roam the forest floor. Of reptilian species, the endemic green pit viper and a variety of hump-nosed vipers can be found.

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