Kumana National Park
Arugam Bay

Kumana National Park lies in the south eastern dry zone adjoining the more well known Yala National and separated from it by the Kumbukan River. Its scrub dominated landscape contains over twenty inland water bodies, which makes it one of Sri Lanka's most sought after destinations for bird watching as it is an important feeding and nesting ground for both local and migratory species. The park has 255 identified bird species, and some of its rarer species include the lesser adjutant, black-necked stork and the Eurasian spoonbill in and around its waters and on land, the yellow-footed green pigeon, Malabor trogon and the racquet-tailed drongo. A small but seldom seen elephant population exists within the park, but most common are populations of mugger crocodile making the water bodies their home.

Written by JonathanRoelofsz for TLC.lk

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