Independence Square
Colombo 7

Another famous landmark of Colombo, Independence Square is instantly recognizable and is a good hangout spot for passers-by and tourists. It was built in 1948 to commemorate the country’s freedom from the British colonizers. The main building is built somewhat like an ancient monument, incorporating a number of older architectural styles in the carved pillar capitals and the shape of the structure itself. It draws direct inspiration from the Kandyan monument named the Magul Maduwa. There are numerous steps leading up to it, and at the base are rather more modern-and still stylized-lion images as guardians. One of the well-known parts of this monument is the Memorial Museum, which includes numerous busts of the men who fought for the country’s independence. The public parkland surrounding it is a perfect place in which to jog in the mornings if you live in the area.

There is also a café where local breakfast delicacies can be sampled.

Written by Vasika Udurawane for

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